Monday, December 18, 2006

Sometimes, certain things just set me wondering about the things happening around me.
The people around me, the me around people.
About what am I doing to my life.
But until now,I have not found an answer.

Perhaps I'll never know...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Seems like I always have problems with my blog whenever I don't update for a really long time. Now the tagboard gives me problem. So it's been removed!!

Got myself a new haircut, real short and spiky. Simply love it. It's kind of like a fresh change. Ok, fact is,I can't really stand having to tie up my hair when I go to work. So having a short haircut is good. Save me all the trouble. Of course, many people got a big shock from my hair when I went to school today. I guess some of them probably thought I went nuts or something when just 2 months ago I said I wanted to try leaving my hair long. Haha. Anyway, I love the antennas (as I call those spikes on my head). Last got this haircut earlier this year. It's hard to maintain this hairstyle as I only trust the hairstylist from this particular salon, and it cost quite a lot to go for a haircut there. So I can only afford to go there once in a long while. Probably the next time when I'll go is just before CNY. That is if I can save enough and be willing to spend the money.

Had a gathering with gl and char last thurs. Was really nice. Really enjoyed it. The photos were really nice..... Heex. Char went down with ym and sl to look for me ytd. Got a shock seeing the three of them. Heex. It just feels great to be able to see so many friends whom I have not contact in a long time.

Alrite, dinner time.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow, I need to clear off lots of cobwebs from my blog. Its getting real dusty.

To think that time really flies, and yes, almost everytime I say this, it implies that my exams are nearing. And yes, my exams are starting this Friday, and I'm still missing some of my notes (although I feel as though I'm missing one whole chunk of notes. Its never good to feel so unsecure especially with the exams just a few days away. Bleahz.) Have not been studying hard enough. Must be due to the fact that I totally don't know what I've been doing this semester, which kind of turn me off from studying (since I don't know anything right from the start, might as well continue on with not knowing anything at all). Of course, all that I'm doing here is plain talking. At the end of the day I'll know that I still have to study. I mean, I don't want to stay back for one more semester just to repeat some modules that I don't like (coz I have the feeling that if I were to fail a module this semester, it will be International Business). Anyway, will be picking up the notes that I'm missing from my classmate from Toa Payoh. No choice, who ask me to be the one who needs the notes? Haha.

This semester has been a real blur to me. I totally have no idea of what I have been doing or studying for this semester. All I can remember is the rushing of projects for the whole of July and spending lots and lots of money. Somehow, I spend a lot of money this semester. I guess I need a job during my holidays. My dear friends out there, any lobang?? Haha. I do feel bad for spending a lot of money this semester. Guess I really need a job (at least earn a bit so that I can spend during next semester).

This semester has been a relatively good one. As in nothing really dramatic happened. Which is good, my heart is not strong enough to withstand dramatic happenings every semester. The semester is not over until the ending of the exam papers. Urgh, exams..

Ok, have to prepare to set off for Toa Payoh. I still have to help my mum buy Toto. Byez!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bleahz.. I think today is just going to be another boring day for me.

I've been staying up late for the past few nights coz.. I've been watching the World Cup!! Wahahahahahaha!!!! I'm so glad that my consistent pestering of my mum has resulted in something for once. Hehe. Have to say that many of the matches which I thought was going to be nice turn out to be normal (or even boring). And I almost died of heart attack watching the England match last night. My god, England just could not score with like 16 or 17 shots on goal.. But they manage to get two goals in the final few minutes to win the match 2-0. Whew. Haha. The match that I have enjoyed the most so far are Germany vs Costa Rica and Mexico vs Iran. Woah, these are 2 exciting matches. Haha. Hopefully there will be more of this kind of matches as the tournament progresses.

Finally, I'm beginning to feel more settled into my new class. Half of the semester has passed, and I've trully enjoyed myself the past 2 or 3 weeks. I guess its really nice hanging out with Imran, Candy, Jac, Shu Min and Pei Wen. Seems like almost everytime we go out or something we'll keep laughing. And at the end of the day, we'll be very tired even though we did not do anything much. Haha.

Yesterday, we went to Imran's house to bake brownie for Jac. As a belated birthday celebration for her. Then we went to surprise her at her house. Haha. So funny. After that, we went to J8 to walk. Had wanted to watch a movie, but I had to leave by 8pm,so I could not watch. Then they also never watch (all because of me.. Make me feel so bad..). We went to take neoprints instead. We took neoprints twice. Haha. So fun, though the poses always the same one. Haha. But I feel quite bad about the movie thing. This is like the second time they're not watching a movie because I cannot watch. Urgh. If only my mum never put a curfew for me. But other than that, I really enjoyed myself a lot yesterday. I've never really enjoyed myself that much with a group since my sec4 days. Just hope that this will last..

I'm suddenly thinking a lot these few days. I also don't know what am I thinking of. Maybe I am just thinking too much. Or maybe I have really reach a limit or something. But I really don't know what to do, how to react. Omg, that stupid email he sent me has caused me to think so much. Shall continue with my thinking for the next few days...........

Or maybe, there just wasn't anything about it at all.. I'm just thinking too much..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

finally an update after so long.. have been doing my tutorial earlier, but i realised that got quite some of the question i don't know how to do. so decided to not do it and just copy the answer during tutorial time. hehehehe. time really seem to fly. it's going to be the fifth week of school. so fast. and soon, we will graduate. then, all of us will either be going out to work or going for further studies. wonder what will happen when that day comes..

manage to get lee cha's present on thurs when i went out with gl. hehe. thanks, qingaidi, for going shopping with me. actually, i'm very tempted to keep the present that is meant for her for myself. coz i really like it. haha. but cannot lah. keep for myself then i have to go shopping for another present for her. then may not get something as nice. heex. so shall just give it to her.

nowadays, i don't really know how to use words to comfort people. all i can only do now is to listen to them talking about their life, in a hope that they will feel better after that. hope that you'll feel better now.

words comfort, but it can also hurt..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Went to Batam yesterday with my mum and my dad, that's why cannot go k-box with Char. Sorry, my dear, we go again some other time,k? Hehe.. Took a one hour boat ride there, where I almost got seasick.

After arriving, we took a taxi down to a temple to pray. Have to say that I like the temple. COz there's not really a lot of people around when we went, so the atmosphere is really quiet and one can really feel peace there. I think we were at the temple for about half an hour before we went to a shopping mall. The shopping mall was nicer than I had expected, and there isn't much people inside, so we had a nice walk there before having A&W for our late, late lunch. I just love the root beer float, maybe because I cannot get to have it now in Singapore, that's why I found it good just to be able to drink it. Then we walk around a bit more before heading back to Singapore.

Earlier on while I was watching television, my grandma was sweeping the floor. As I watch her sweep the floorand niaming away at the same time, I suddenly thought back to a few weeks ago when my grandma had a bad food poisioning. Then, no one really seem to ask much about her. And a few days after she just recovered, she suddenly walk out of the house after quarreling with my uncle. She walk out of the house without even having her dinner, and no one ask about her, no one seem to bother. True, none of us knew where she could have gone to, but can't anyone just ask something about her? As I walk around my estate trying to see if she's around, I got caught in the rain, and it was a heavy rain. As the the rain poured down, I did felt helpless at that time, helpless not because I cannot get home as I did not have an umbrella with me, but more for the fact that I just cannot find my grandma. I did feel like crying, but what's the point of crying? Luckily, she came back later that night. I've lost too much things, I don't want to lose anymore.

School's reopening next week. Hope for a better new school term.

I cannot let laziness get the better of me..

Monday, April 10, 2006

my new wallet

hehe.. got myself a new wallet.. special thanks to qingaidi and char, coz they got it as my birthday present.. thank you!! love you guys!! i really love the wallet.. ok, partly because i chose the wallet myself lah.. haha.. but i really love it.. i've already transferred all my stuff into it.. hehe.. i love my wallet!! hehe.. don't know why i so high also.. guess it's been quite some time since i last bought a new wallet which i actually like ba.. hehe.. thanks again to qingaidi and char!! woots!!

i got the wallet when i went out with both char and qingaidi on saturday.. its been quite a while since i last went out with both of them together.. had a lot of fun!! hehe.. yeah, i still remember the joke about the hotel.. haha.. lucky char and qingaidi didn't really pull me to buy a skirt or something.. haha.. while we were shopping, met yin mei, siang ling and qianer.. very long never see qianer already.. haha.. we also got qingaidi's present as well on that day.. she also got herself a wallet.. haha.. hope that she likes it.. hehe.. hers is also from ripcurl (same as mine).. hehe..

i suddenly don't really know what to post for today.. i just want to say that i had really enjoyed myself on saturday.. it was really fun going out with two of my good friends.. really happy.. hope that i will get the chance to go out with them again this week.. hmz, think should be can ba.. haha..

lastly, to shi shi, welcome home.. hehe..